About Spine CustomFit

What is it for?

Spine CustomFit bespoke ski-boots are manufactured in accordance with a thorough and rigorous procedure.

How does it work?

Self-measurement of foot parameters

The first step is the measurement of the customer’s feet taking into account all the individual features of the foot. The video-instruction for self-measurement of foot parameters is via the link.


3D-scanningin the outfitting center

You can also scan your feet using our 3D-scanner installed in one of our outfitting centers. Addresses of the nearest outfitting centers can be found here.

Data processing

As soon as we receive your data, our engineers will contact you to clarify all the details and answer your questions. The customer data analysis takes 2-3 days after receiving complete information.


Design selection

If a design selection is provided for your chosen ski-boots, you will be offered possible color options.

Ski-boots manufacture

After the order confirmation and payment, we start the manufacture of the individual ski-boots. The production process takes an average of 55 days.



We will inform you as soon as the production process is completed and arrange the delivery of your new ski-boots.

The Process

Our engineers create individual last based on the information obtained from the customer measurements and wishes regarding the boots fit while usage.


The next step includes the creation of the boots upper in accordance with the style/design chosen by the customer.


When the boot blank has been created, the carbon details production begins, which also takes into consideration the features of the foot and the wishes of the client.


The main goal is to offer the customers professional ski boots that fit them perfectly. That ambitious project can only be realized due to the accurate and diligent work of an experienced designers and engineers.


Where is outfitting centers?

Yaroslavl, Russia

Company Headquarters
Tormoznoy 1, bld. 18
Phone number: +7 4852 59 95 75

Yaroslavl, Russia

Outfitting Center and Lab SPINE
Tolbukhina ave. 8/75, Shopping centre Petrovskiy Passage, 217 office
Phone number: +7 4852 33 73 80

Moscow, Russia

Outfitting Center and Lab SPINE-SPORT
Dnepropetrovskaya Street, 2
Phone number: +7 800 100 19 72

Moscow, Russia

Outfitting Center and Lab SPINE-SPORT
Bagrationovsky Ave. 5 , Shopping centre Filion
Phone number: +7 991 699 70 87

St. Petersburg, Russia

Outfitting Center and Lab Sport Line
Vyborgskoye ave. 13, Ecopolis shopping center
Phone number: +7 812 988 08 38

St. Petersburg, Russia

Outfitting Center Mass-sport
Engels Ave., 124/1, Voyage Shopping centre
Phone number: +7 (812) 454-69-44
Phone number: +7 (911) 834-93-51

Yekaterinburg, Russia

Dementiev equipment center
Belinsky st., 177A
Phone number: +7 343 269 14 45
Phone number: +7 343 223 44 67

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

The network of sports stores Povolzhye SPORT
Tereshkovoy Street, 2

Moscow, Russia

Uventa Sport
Maksimova Street, 10
Phone number: +7 495 648 66 66

Odincovo, Russia

Legkov equipment center
Odincovo, Manjosovskaia Street, 1. Larisa Lazutina’s Park
Phone number: +7 985 999 01 11

To place an order online, please go to the custom order page.

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