Practical and functional, designed for ski equipment. The most convenient on the day of training or race.

New product from the SPINE - backpack SPINE SKI RACING 37L, practical and functional. Designed for ski equipment, convenient on a training or race day.

The backpack fits not only equipment and shoes, but also the necessary little things.

Main compartment - for storage, which has a separate pocket for a laptop, tablet or documents. Additional compartment at the bottom of the backpack it’s a special isolated compartment made of metalized polypropylene film for transporting wet, dirty shoes, which is easy to clean. This pocket can be used as a thermal bag, which will keep the temperature of food and drinks because its material has low thermal conductivity properties.

It is convenient to carry bottles of water in the two open side pockets. An additional pocket with a zipper for storing documents, small items, and accessories on the front of the backpack.

Rigid orthopedic back, the liner can be removed if necessary. A waterproof bottom with reinforced corners allows you to put the backpack on the snow without worries that it will get wet. Abrasion-resistant upper material also protects against rain and snow.

Wide shoulder straps and chest straps equipped with a whistle.

Reflective elements on the front side and on the sides.

Dimensions 50*30*25 cm, volume 37 liters.

The backpack can be purchased from official representatives.

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