SPINE New arrival 2024

The SPINE company has announced the release of a line of SPINE Running running shoes.

SPINE is known for its ski boots, roller skis and other equipment. The company owns a full-cycle production - that is, a product is born here from an idea to a finished sample ready for mass production. Stage after stage takes place under the close attention of an entire laboratory: designers, fashion designers, technologists and other experienced specialists. The company actively cooperates with athletes of different levels, and is in constant search of testers. All this is done to ensure that the final product pleases its consumers!

The idea of creating year-round equipment for athletes originated a long time ago. And over the past years, professional running shoes have been actively developed and, in parallel, the experience and capabilities of third-party manufacturers have been studied. The pandemic and world events have made their own adjustments to production processes and current capabilities. And the SPINE company was not spared. But in rather difficult times, the company managed to create a line of casual shoes - SPINE LifeStyle. This is a unique project in which the manufacturer evaluated its strength in independent development from A to Z and the production of casual shoes, including high-tech soles.

Therefore, the company plans to use its own accumulated and acquired experience from communicating with the world community and in the future to engage in its own production of soles for running shoes.

In the future, SPINE will strive to localize to the maximum all processes in Russia in order to eliminate direct exchange rate dependence and maintain a pleasant cost for consumers.

The company does not hide that it takes over the experience of production from industry leaders. Some technologies and materials are imported from China. But to study, adjust and make your product is the credo of SPINE employees.

The company's development center has studied in detail samples of sneakers from different world brands. Technical requirements were formed, according to which signal samples of sneakers were made independently, and third-party models were purchased. All of them were tested by athletes of different levels. The total mileage is thousands of kilometers in different weather conditions and on different surfaces.

Thanks to the feedback collected and the feedback received, we managed to create the first line of running shoes together. The bright design and modern materials of the new products will appeal to both amateur athletes with different levels of training and professionals: the line includes both models for fast running and more versatile sneakers for training at different tempos.

The SPINE Running line includes 4 models: Carbon Pro, Titanium, Corsa and Rift. Thanks to the bright colors and anatomical fit, they will appeal to both men and women.

Carbon Pro sneakers are the best tool for dynamic running

Carbon Pro sneakers are a new generation of sports shoes that combine a simple, concise design, convenience and efficiency. The main advantage of this model is the use of a full—size carbon plate in the sole. The combination of carbon fiber and foam soles increases the energy of repulsion, shortens the contact time with the surface, partially unloads the muscles and, accordingly, allows athletes to reduce energy costs and show better results.

Thanks to the ultralight sole with a full-size carbon plate SPINE Carbon-Reinforced and rubber pads, the runner will be able to easily and powerfully push off even from wet surfaces without fear of strong sliding and injury. The anatomical Ortoflex insole provides a comfortable foot position. The upper part of the sneaker is made using the innovative SPINE Air Weave technology using several weaving options with different localization and perfectly passes air. SPINE Carbon Pro is suitable for professional runners, amateurs of expert level for high-speed work and participation in races.

Titanium running shoes — nothing will stop you now.

This pair of sneakers is specially designed for well-trained runners. The elastic EVA sole dampens any shock loads, and the rubber pads on it make the model wear-resistant and non-slip. The upper of the shoe is made of breathable 3D Mesh mesh material with TPU, which perfectly passes air and quickly removes moisture. The maximum fixation of the foot is achieved due to the inflated heel, which gives a feeling of comfort and significantly reduces the risk of injury.If all other models of the SPINE Running line are equipped with a classic lacing system, then the Titanium uses a fast lacing system. This technology makes it possible to fix the shoes on the foot in one step. There is a special pocket on the tongue of the model, into which the plastic retainer and laces are removed. This system ensures that the sneakers will not untie, and the laces will not catch while running.

SPINE Titanium is the maximum comfort when running, reliable fixation and protection from damage and injury.

Corsa sneakers — be the first in everything!

The SPINE Corsa model is versatile - suitable for professionals and amateurs to train both at a slow and fast pace on hard surfaces. The flexible and elastic EVA SPINE Flex Foam sole of this model is able to suppress shock loads of different levels and protect the athlete from injury. Special rubber pads on the sole guarantee a reliable grip even with a wet surface. Comfortable wear-resistant EVA insoles help the foot to be in the right position, relieving joints and heel.The top of the sneakers is made using the innovative SPINE Air Weave technology, which involves the use of several weaving methods with different localization. This provides not only increased strength and tight fit of the shoe to the foot, but also excellent ventilation.

Rift sneakers are your key to new victories.

Rift sneakers are suitable for both running workouts (including long-term ones) and fitness classes. The anatomical fit of this model allows you to maintain the correct position of the foot and prevents the appearance of unpleasant sensations during movement. Elastic and elastic EVA sole SPINE Flex Foam Protect provides high flexibility and perfectly dampens shock loads.

Test drive of the new collection

The creators of SPINE offer an innovative approach to testing sports shoes. You can put on your favorite pair and run the whole distance in it.Thus, you will immediately be able to test one of the new models in operation and feel whether it suits you personally or understand what is missing for full-fledged comfort. If the shoes do not cause any complaints, you can immediately purchase them, and if not, hand them back..The nearest race where you can test sneakers fr om the new SPINE Running line is September 2-3 at the Yaroslavl half marathon “Golden Ring".

Where to buy

You can learn more about the models from the SPINE Running collection on the official website SPINE, in equipment centers and from official manufacturers.

It will also be possible to get acquainted with the new line live and purchase the model you like at the St. Petersburg Marathon on September 3. List of upcoming events wh ere sneakers from SPINE will be presented:

September 1-3 - EXPO of the St. Petersburg Marathon "Pushkin - St. Petersburg"
September 2-3 - EXPO Yaroslavl half marathon "Golden Ring"
September 15-16 - Moscow Marathon EXPO

Be the first to know about other upcoming events and tests from the social networks of the manufacturer and equipment centers.

SPINE does not stand still! The company has big plans for the future. The development of trail sneakers has already begun and the company will be happy to present them for the new season!

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